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Welcome to Bowhunters Unlimited

We are a nonprofit archery club managing the beautiful public range inside the Stevens Creek County Park. Our focus is to promote archery for all levels of ability and age.


While there is no fee to use the range, consider a $40 annual membership to help keep the range open for all.

Located in the SF Bay Area.

First time, no equipment?
Equipment is included as part of a paid lesson from one of our certified coaches.
Request a lesson

Ready to purchase a bow and arrows? Check out and support one of your local archery stores.  

Discover outdoor archery
No events at the moment

Note: Archery range is closed to the public during event shoots. Registration is needed to participate.

Help support archery for all

The range is dependent on membership and donations that go towards bale replacements, targets, and trail maintenance - all of which keeps the park open to everyone!  Volunteer hours are greatly appreciated as well. 

See you out there! 
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