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Range rules and regulations

Let's keep it safe out there and have fun. Please read and obey all range rules.

1. A bow and arrow is a deadly weapon. Please it safe at all times. Unruly behavior by anyone is not tolerated and will be grounds for immediate eviction or arrest.

2. Cross bows, bb/pellet guns or air rifles and firearms are prohibited. No broad head arrows allowed on the range other than shooting sand pit or special targets set up for tournaments only. 

3. No one under the age of twelve (12) is allowed on the range without direct adult supervision

4. No cross country travel or non-archery related hiking is permitted through the range.

5. No smoking anywhere on the range, including the parking lot and graveled practice range observation area.

6. No alcohol consumption or use of drugs permitted anytime.

7. No open fires permitted on the range other than in the picnic bar-b-que pit exclusively for use by Bowhunters Unlimited members during club-sponsored events. 

8. No horses, dogs, or other pets are allowed on the range.

9. No motorcycles, bicycles or four-wheel drive vehicles on trails.

10. Please do not litter! Remove other range trash whenever possible. Anchor discarded target faces with a rock offtrail adjacent to each field target along with any other debris found for scheduled range cleanup.

11. No aluminum, glass, or plastic containers (bottles) on field range. Canteens are suggested.

12. Bowman to conspicuously post "Closed for shooting" signs and monitor the range when performing range maintenance functions.

13. Absolutely no shooting on any part of the practice or field range until after 2:00pm or otherwise posted on volunteer work party days.

14. No shooting on the range by anyone but registered shooters on club shoot days or during organized tournament events.

15. No shooting at live targets, hunting, or fishing on range property.

16. Adjust or remount target face in position with metal stakes prior to each shooting session or moving to next target on field range.

17. No archer should advance from their shooting position until all have shot.


On the practice range

  • Never go behind practice range backstop by yourself without explicitly notifying others who can carefully stand guard.

  • No cross lane shooting

  • Be courteous with multiple shooters present by limiting each shooting session to no more than twelve (12) arrows at the start of each session

  • Play it safe by calling "clear" with multiple shooters present after the close of each shooting session.

  • No plastic or styrofoam plates, containers, or balloons on practice butts.


On the field range

  • For the safety and added enjoyment, shooting with a partner using the "buddy system" is strongly recommended.

  • The field range is a "one way" hike up and down hilly terrain. Persons with respiratory, heart, or other health concerns should consult a physician before starting the course.

  • Stay on the trails and be alert. This facility is a wilderness area known to have wild animals, rattlesnakes, ticks, and plenty of poison oak. Never go backwards or run on trails. 

  • Always shout "Clear!" if suspicious of a blind spot or an unsafe condition at the target butt or when walking around the field range.

  • All shots must be from target stands or from alternative positions on trails in full view of each sequential target while advancing individually or as a group

  • Leave bow against or suspended in front of target face when searching for missed or lost arrows

  • No group shall unreasonably hold up another group by prolonged hunting for lost arrows.

Thank you for obeying these rules and for your help in keeping our range a safe and an environmentally clean place to enjoy archery during leisure time.  

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