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Range map 

Before using the range, please make sure you are familiar with the range rules.

Practice Range and Field Course

In addition to the Practice Range by the parking lot, BHU provides a Field Course of 32 targets placed in the canyons and on the hills here. Shooting the Full 32 targets takes well over an hour and can take much longer depending on the number of shooters, your physical shape and how fast you want to move.


If you want to shoot a shorter course, we have created some recommended routes and provided some estimated times to complete them. The times for these routes are for two adult shooters with each person shooting two (2) arrows. If you have more people, want to shoot more arrows, or have kids (especially if you have kids!) allow more time.

All the routes listed here are based on the map and all targets are clearly numbered on their "sheds". The routes listed here are from shortest to longest.

During the Summer and Autumn, bring water if you are doing any of the longer routes.

Suggested routes

If you are a little uncertain or want some company feel free to ask a member to take you around the course.

More questions? Email the Range Master.

Over the Top

  • Start at target #29

  • Four targets (#29-32) and back to the lower parking lot

  • 20-30 minutes

  • Fairly steep initial climb

Both Sides of the Canyon A

  • Start at target #1

  • Targets 1-12 then down to target #21 and around

  • 13 targets total

  • 2.25 miles

  • Lots of climbing

The Bee Tree A

  • Start at target #1

  • Targets 1, 2, 22 (Bee Tree) 26, 27, 28 back to the parking lot

  • 7 total targets

  • About 1 mile walking

  • Some climbing

The Bee Tree B

  • Start at target #1

  • Targets 1, 2 Bee tree and down 22 - 28

  • 9 total targets

  • 1.25 miles

  • More climbing

Both Side of the Canyon B

  • Start at target #1

  • Targets 1-17 then down to target #21 and around

  • 22 targets

  • Lots of climbing

The Whole Enchilada

  • Start at target #1

  • Targets 1-32

  • 3.5 miles total

  • Lots of climbing

  • Bring water and snacks

  • 2+ hours

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