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  • Where is the range located?
    • In the Stevens Creek County park on Mt. Eden Road, 2/3 mile south of the stop sign on Stevens Canyon Road. For a map, click on 'Directions' at the top of the page.​

  • Do I have to be a member to use the range?

    • No. The range is open to the public every day, except during scheduled Bowhunters Unlimited club events (shoots and work parties).

  • Are dogs allowed on the range? 

    • No. We understand that your pet will never cause a problem, but the county park rangers have made this very clear. No pets allowed.

  • When is the range open?

    • ​The archery range is open to the public from 8 AM until sunset every day except the day before and day of Bowhunters Unlimited club events (tournaments, shoots, work parties, etc.)

  • What is the difference between the Stevens Creek Archery Range and Bowhunters Unlimited?

    • Bowhunters Unlimited is a club comprised of members who enjoy archery and maintain the grounds, targets and facilities at the range on a strictly volunteer (uncompensated) basis.

  • Is it safe?

    • Yes, the range operates with a set of safety rules and horseplay or any irresponsible, negligent behavior will not be tolerated. If not ceased immediately, the County Parks department range and sheriff will be called. The range has had an excellent safety record for its entire history.

  • Why is the range closed during club events?

    • For the safety of all participants. There are a large number of people that show up for our events and the tournament layout utilizes both the practice range as well as the field range. You are allowed to participate in club events as a non-member, and we would like to have you join us. But, during club events, only people who have paid the shoot admission fee and signed a waiver are allowed on the range. You do not have to be a member to participate in club events but it will save you money if you are.

  • What does it cost to use the range?

    • Absolutely nothing! BHU membership and event fees keep the range open and available for all to use.

  • Do you offer archery lessons?

    • 1-hr intro lessons as an individual or group are available from the club. Please visit the Request a Lesson for more details and instructions on how to sign up. 

    • To inquire about lesson availability, please provide the number of participants and the date/time in the contact form at the bottom. 

    • Several club members do offer private archery lessons for a different fee arranged between the instructor and student. If you are interested in more information, please send  an email to inquiring and we will have the instructors contact you directly.

  • Can I shoot broadheads (hunting arrows) at the range?

    • You can, but ONLY in the sand pit located on the right side of the practice range. There is a small table to allow you to adjust compound bows while tuning the bow.

  • Can crossbows be shot at the range?

    • NO. While crossbows are sold over the counter in California, a crossbow (a bow on a rifle-style stock where the string is held at full draw by a mechanical device and not the shooter) is not legally considered archery equipment in the state of California. For example, a crossbow can not be used to hunt during an archery-only season.

    • Crossbows are specifically prohibited on the range by Santa Clara County Parks Department. We have had owners of crossbows passionately argue with members that they are the same as archery equipment, as safe as archery equipment, do not shoot any faster than archery equipment, and are more accurate than archery equipment. We can not accept those arguments and must prohibit them. Refusal to obey the law will result in the Park Ranger and Sheriff being called to respond.

  • Why should I become a member of Bowhunters Unlimited?

    • To become a member, get a Membership Application by clicking on the Become a Member link above to download the form. Fill it out and send a check for the fee as described on that page. Or, better still, come to a club event, shown in the Events link above, meet our friendly members and join right then.

      • It's expensive to run and maintain the archery range. NO public funds are provided for its upkeep and improvement. Membership and event fees are the sources of money to maintain the range in the beautiful condition it is today.

      • You get reduced entrance fees for any of the club events.

      • You get a discount at several of the local archery stores, typically 10% (inquire at individual stores for their policy).

      • You get to vote for the Board membership that oversees the operation of the club, or can become a board member yourself.

  • What kind of tournaments do you have?

    • We have monthly tournaments for most months of the year, and weekly tournaments between April and September, as shown in the Events link. The weekly tournaments have 14 targets and the monthly tournaments have 28. Each target is a life-size foam animal and you shoot 2 arrows at each. Each arrow can score zero, five, eight or 10 points. The distances from where you shoot to the target are unmarked, as it would be in a real hunting situation. It takes about and 60 to 90 minutes to walk the mountainous course for 14 targets and twice that for 28 targets.

  • What does it cost to participate in events?

    • There is a modest fee charged to participate in club events, typically $20. Members pay a discounted rate.

Please visit the various links above for more information about the course and more. But, come out and meet the members. We are a large, friendly, family-oriented group. We emphasize safe archery but have a tremendous amount of fun.

If you still have questions, send us an email at

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